[Spridgets] engine pull

dmeadow at juno.com dmeadow at juno.com
Sat Jun 7 05:28:52 MDT 2008

I'm constantly pulling engines on the racecar, so I'm always looking for
ways to make it easier.  I cut a slot in the top bolt hole in the slave
cylinder.  I put the top bolt in the transmission case before installing
the engine, leaving enough clearance to slide the slave cylinder under
it.  That way you only have to turn the bolt a few times to tighten it
up.  I also bought shorter bolts at the hardware store.  I've also heard
of people cutting the head off the top bolt, using loctite when threading
it in to hold it in place, then putting the slave over it when
installing.  Then only the bottom bolt is holding the slave in place.

If I need to bleed the slave, I let it hang and use an oil can to pump
fluid into the slave nipple so it pushes the air up towards the master. 
Then I mount and finish bleeding it normally.  I also have attached an
"extension" onto the slave bleeder that brings the nipple up into the
engine compartment where it is easily accessible.  Winners Circle sells
these www.spridget.com.


On Sat, 07 Jun 2008 02:18:34 -0400 Marc <smarc at smarc.net> writes:
> Pretty much uneventful. Biggest challenge was unbolting the slave 
> from 
> the transmission. Finally figured out I was going to have to undo 
> the 
> top bolt through the little access hole on the passenger side. What 
> a 
> PITA! Is there a better way? That cost me a lot of time. Putting it 
> back 
> in should be a joy... I'm planning to replace the slave and the 
> hose, 
> which appears to be vintage... Bleeding via the access hole looks 
> challenging as well...
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