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Guy Weller guy.weller at tiscali.co.uk
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My wife collected her car from a routine garage service. After a couple of
miles she noticed a red light on the dash that she thought wasn't there
before, but as it had just been serviced she assumed they had fixed
something and it was supposed to be like that.

10 miles later the engine siezed, blew out the crank seals, broke a con rod.
Totalled the engine.
She called out the breakdown service. The man opened the bonnet and said -
where's your radiator cap?

We then had 10 months of battling with the garage before they would accept
that their "mechanic" had forgotten to replace the filler cap when he
checked the water.
Talk about understanding the consequences!

(the other one)

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My wife broke a coil spring on her Audi TT and only commented in passing
there was a funny noise when she went over a bump.  No real concern, she was
worried more when the CD changer jammed.
It is the knowledge of what consequences can be that creates worry.

Guy R Day

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> kentmclean at comcast.net wrote:
>> Lester wrote:
>>> I agree with you an almost all points.  Except for this one:

>>>> Bad CV joints won't strand a car, someone else noted that there
>>>> would be plenty of warning.
>>> For a car person that's true.  The CV's will get to a point where we
>>> will know that it is time to stop driving the car.  For the person
>>> that is not a car person they will drive the car with "that funny
>>> noise" until the CV's fall out or shear.
>>> Maybe I'm too negative..  ;-)
>> Maybe you're married? :)
>  To the WRONG woman ! My wife would know that noise was and change the
> CV herself and when I got home would most likely say something like I
> did the hard part, you start the BBQ.
>  No she is not available and she had no sisters :)

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