[Spridgets] Skanky Miss - A Slight Reprise

Glen Byrns grbyrns at ucdavis.edu
Wed Jun 4 14:00:59 MDT 2008


You've proven what we all eventually learn about these cars.  Chasing down a 
difficult problem ends up teaching you about all the other things that 
AREN'T causing the problem.  One learns little from success.  By the time I 
was done fitting the Megasquirt I felt I could make anything run. 


> After checking and switching out anything and everthing that could be 
> causing
> the miss, and having absolutely no luck, I decided to start all over 
> again.
> First thing were the floats. Floats still looked fine. But then I had this
> weird hunch. I emptied the gas out of the chambers and blew compressed air
> thru the jet tubes from the carb (needle) end thru to the float chamber.
> Guess what - the front tube was completely clogged! I took the tube off, 
> blew
> it out both ways. I must have dislodged something, although I never saw 
> the
> little goober, because all of a sudden, it was clear. I re-installed it, 
> took
> the car for a test drive, and - no miss! Can't understand what clogged it 
> or
> where it came from (I have a Fram fuel filter inline). But, who cares! And 
> at
> least now I know a lot of things (like dwell, timing, gaps, carbs, wires,
> condenser, gaskets, etc, are all set and functioning correctly). Thanks 
> for
> all your responses.
> Bud

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