[Spridgets] Got caught in the rain, glub..glub..glub

Ed's Shop shop at justbrits.com
Sun Jun 1 13:19:34 MDT 2008

<<Try a Lotus Seven some time in a rain storm.>>

UNDERSTATEMENT, Mike C.!!  BTDT  Buddy is Springpatch had a Super 7 and we were taking a BUNCH (16 or 18 IIRC) cars to a shopping mall for inside display for a week.  We DID have hoods erected expecting "showers".  Got deluge instead.  12 miles later at said mall I was the MOST DRENCHED!!!  Even the Frogeye folks were dryer<VBG>!!

<<The spridget then becomes a new Honda Civic with regards to being dry inside.>>

A "trueism" if I ever heard one!!  LOL


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