[Spridgets] Thoughts for the Midget 50th

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Thu Dec 18 05:14:13 MST 2008

tinydog sez:

If  the people that drove extreme distances to Missouri were deducted, that would reveal the number of people that came because of geographic location. 

Having another event in the same general area again, (the center of the country) would only attract/appeal to, the same people that attended last time.

I would suggest that the next event be located in another area where there is a greater concentration of owners. I would also suggest that more than one event is scheduled to be held simultaneously in different areas of the country.

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> > Well you change the name of the event to honor the birth of the SPRITE to
> > spridget and now want to change spridget to midget. I guess the only 
> > choice
> > is to name the event to honor the birth of the Midget to SPRITE? Full 
> > circle
> > it is only right.
> BUT, the birth of the Sprite WAS the birth of the Spridget, too. A little
> difficult to perceive at the time, perhaps, but no less true for all that.
> Just remember, it isn't so much that we are celebrating the birth of the
> Midget as it is that we are grasping at opportunities to get together
> again with as many Spridgeteers as possible. Perhaps we should just
> have one of these every year in a different part of the country... no, I
> suppose the other clubs already have this idea covered. A little
> embarrassing that the European Spridgets were able to gather nearly 1,000
> Spridgets at Gaydon and we didn't even get 200, despite the fact that more
> were sent here than stayed home.
> David Lieb 

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