[Spridgets] Arcing Distributor

Michael Rowe mdrowe at optonline.net
Wed Apr 30 06:42:35 MDT 2008

Alright, already.  It's arcing.  It occurs when the wire is removed from the 
plug, but only on cylinder 1, from the distributor end to ground, not plug 
end to ground.  The plug is fine.  What condition not related to a bad 
distributor cap can cause grounding when there is no plug?  For example, I 
think the (used) coil may be higher voltage than stock, and the stock 
insulation may be inadequate for pin 1, which is relatively close to the cap 
holder gadget.

Michael Rowe
'74 Midget
Long Island, NY

I would guess that this
> means that there is too much resistance at the plug for some reason.

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