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Maxime Slegers max at maxengland.com
Tue Apr 22 09:46:24 MDT 2008

Hello everyone,

My midget mkIII fuel gauge reads half all the time when the ignition is
on. I've seen many posts talking of a full gauge when tank is empty and
vice-versa, but never seen 'half all the time when there's current getting
to the gauge'.

Any idea? Could it be a bad earth somewhere or is it possible that the
sending unit is blocked halfway?

Thanks in advance,


> Hey Biff,
> Why do you call your black Mk II Sprite gray?  Just curious.
> Mike C
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>>The bugeye sending unit has the following resistance readings:
>>0 Ohms = open circuit (broken wire)
>>14 Ohms = Full (up position)
>>90 Ohms = Half tank
>>258 Ohms = Empty
>>These are for sending unit # FT5300/32 and gauge unit # FG2530/31or
>>Latter sending units read the opposite of above, i.e., Full = 120 Ohms,
>>Empty = 30 Ohms
>>Cork gasket should work fine without any goo.
>>Biff Jones
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