[Spridgets] Pauls 5 speed kits

David Lieb dbl at chicagolandmgclub.com
Fri Apr 4 18:04:32 MST 2008

> <<It may be delayed, but after Frank's experience with Rivergate,>>
> I was PRAYING someone WOULD bring that up, RB!!!
> IMHO, Frank's tale would NOT EVER be anything I would want said about me 
> and my service!!!!
> For those of you that did not read about it, just check Archives for "Babe 
> Rally"!!
> 'nough said as Frank's words an NOT be duplicated!!

Nope, not enough said. I have probably spent over 5 grand on items from 
Rivergate, including an engine rebuild and a transmission and kit. Bill 
Perry is a class act. Yes, I know ALL about the Babe Rally episode. In fact, 
I guided them over there. Now, picture someone showing up at your house at 
6pm on the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend wanting you to work through the 
night so they can rejoin the rolling beer party they were with. Moreover, 
these were not customers of theirs, they were strangers in a Midget. The 
Perrys went out of their way to accomodate them and charged accordingly.

The reason Rivergate is still in business where many others have failed is 
that they do not give away the farm. As a customer, I have always been 
treated well by Bill, Gayle, and Will Perry. They are not cheap, but they 
tend to do good work and to stand by what they have done. Are they perfect? 
No more so than any of the rest of us.

David Lieb

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