[Spridgets] Morriservice or Rivergate?

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Tue Apr 1 14:04:25 MST 2008

  They both make a 5 speed kit that works. The Morriservice kit seems to be more complete solution. Paul has continually improved his kit. I was going to put a 5 speed in a Morris before i met Paul. Rivergate said i would have to do some modifications on my own. One was a rear cross member support. There is other differences. Paul uses the Datsun clutch - Rivergate uses the BMC - I am sure others can give you more differences. Most people tell me that Paul's product is better overall. I know from buying from Paul - You can not ask for better support.
  I just put out a message for any one wanting the 5 speed kit to write Paul direct. He son will be up helping him for a week. If Paul has a adapter kit in stock he may be able to send you one. Don't Know - I have nothing to do with MorriService besides being a happy customer.

Mike Rivers <beatlemikey at yahoo.com> wrote:  Hello,

I am planning on a 5 speed conversion on my Midget
next month. I already have the Datsun trans. I have
been comparing both Morriservice and Rivergate
regarding kits. Both seem comperable, except that
Morriservice has a preferred clutch setup. I would
like to get a kit from Paul at Morriservice, but
unfortunately he is down due to health reasons right

Opinions? Has anyone dealt with either conversions? 

Mike Rivers 
1961 MG Midget 1275
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