[Spridgets] generator bushing lube

David Ramsey dwramsey at att.net
Fri Nov 30 10:49:07 MST 2007

The oilers are just a tube with a spring and piece of felt, add a little
grease and you have the factory oiler. That said this oiler is to lube the
rear bushing, because the bushing material used in those days wasn't self
lubing.  The only reason to have this oiler installed is for show, it
doesn't help the function of the generator.  Since it is only for show you
can fake one out of brass tubing

The generator for 1959 bugeye is missing the
oiler.  I am just curious how this thing works.
The brass bushing for the shaft is the normal
oil soaked bushing from all appearances  The
book says to put grease in the oiler.  Does the
grease soak thru the bushing or is there supposed to
be some kind of hole thru the bushing or what?
Moss is pretty proud of their oilers. Are there
used ones out there off old generators or is that
one of those things that get lost.  I could probably make
one, but haven't checked the threads yet.
thanks anyone.


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