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that is a critical portion of the unitised construction of that car.    be carefull of what you are removing or cutting in that area.    being the rear suspension mount area it's also one of the most reinforced areas in the body.    once the spring is out be carefull and get all the rust and dirt out and be certain that area is completly intact and structurally sound.

saabs and bugeyes!   :)

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>Hi list,
>  Got a question about removing the plate on the bottom of the floor pan that holds the rear springs. I am replacing parts of the floor pan that is rusty and it looks like the portion underneath that plate is rusty too. I am not planning on disassembling the whole car, this is a non-original driver and at this point it's going to stay that way.
>  I have taken the tension off of the rear axle by jacking up the body and started to unscrew the 6 nuts and 2 bolts that are under there, can the plate be taken off this way? Can I replace that portion of the pan in that fashion? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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