[Spridgets] clutch slave connection

Peter C peter at nosimport.com
Mon Nov 26 08:54:54 MST 2007

It's a little more complicated than that.  Which trans? Which 
clutch?  The 1275 slave is a larger bore (1") than the 1098/948 
(7/8"). The release bearings are different among the 3. The 1275 
slave requires a larger diameter pipe.. 1/4" ..than the earlier cars 
with their rigid 3/16". The 1275 slave must use the rubber hose and 
the copper gasket, whereas the earlier use the usual 3/8-24 single flare pipe.

Ideally, with a 1275 engine trans and slave, you should have the 
larger pipe... makes for a much better pedal and correct throw of the 
slave. That means you need to get an adapter for 1/4 pipe with it's 
7/16-20 end to go into the 3/8-24 hole in the master.  The 1275 
clutch masters have that adapter as stock. The rubber hose takes the 
7/16-20 single flare directly.

At 09:39 AM 11/26/2007, you wrote:

>Peter: please excuse my senility.  This is for my 1959 bugeye.  I think
>you did answer my question even so.  The bugeye apparently had no bracket
>that I am looking for and went directly to the slave. I think I will
>make a bracket and use a rubber hose as you discribe.
>Peter C wrote:
>>Your putting a 125 in a 79?  The 79 slave was on the other side of 
>>the engine and used a red plastic hose. running down in front of the pedal box.
>>A 1275 would have a 1/4 line traveling across in front of the 
>>battery and down to a welded tab on the inner fender, then fitting 
>>a rubber hose to the slave. A 1098 and 948 used a steel line from 
>>master to slave directly no bracket.
>>I hope I understood your question.
>>Peter C
>>At 09:04 AM 11/26/2007, you wrote:
>>>I have looked all over and can't find where the hose from the clutch slave
>>>cylinder fastens to the body.  I can make a fitting, but am wondering
>>>what is correct. I am putting a 1275 engine in, but from all the books
>>>can't see where this should change the attach point for the slave hose.

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