[Spridgets] SOS goings on

Guy Weller guy.weller at tiscali.co.uk
Sat Nov 24 03:39:03 MST 2007

That is OK Ed, you were quite clear first time around.
It just didn't match the experience I am getting here on my computer

In my case I get an active video screen (OK'd by Flounder).  But there is no
sound at all. Not a squeak! Volume is full up; the test level operates well
and is clear. Just no sound coming through.

Second point:  when I ran a test on Wednesday evening, as well as the active
video frame there was a completely separate "invitation to conference" link.
When I clicked on that I got a dialog box where I could type in my comments,
and see what others were saying too.  That link just hasn't appeared this
time around.

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<<I get the webcam, but no sound.>>

Audio was VERY sporodic, Guy?!?!

<<I have not seen an invitation to a conference.>>

As I said (in wrong "English" I guess<VBG>),

"If you ARE seeing the webcam you HAVE been OK'd."

In other words, when you click on the Floundervision... Icon a "request" IS
sent to Flounder (or his moderator) and he(that person) approves and the
webcam goes live?!?!?



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