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Paul Herder p.herder at cox.net
Fri Nov 23 16:41:17 MST 2007

Yes you get the web cam but to join the conference Founder has to invite you
to it also.  That gets you sound and the ability to type.  The web cam alone
does not.

I was watching the web cam (and can connect to it right now but it is dark
there!) but unless I have an invite to the conference, I will not get sound.
I think that the web cam is somehow automatic in its invite since I am on it
and I am pretty sure Flounder is not sitting at the computer authorizing me
to see it!

I had both several times but due to my OS (both XP and Vista), crashed Yahoo
messenger and I had to start all over again and wait for the invite to the
conference to have the sound.

I don't know why Guy does not get sound today since he (in a private email)
remarked that he had it working the day before during the test session.


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<<I get the webcam, but no sound.>>

Audio was VERY sporodic, Guy?!?!

<<I have not seen an invitation to a conference.>>

As I said (in wrong "English" I guess<VBG>),

"If you ARE seeing the webcam you HAVE been OK'd."

In other words, when you click on the Floundervision... Icon a "request" IS
sent to Flounder (or his moderator) and he(that person) approves and the
webcam goes live?!?!?


p.herder at cox.net

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