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I wonder what he did with a bike that had just one seat?   Went side-saddle 
on the rear mudguard I suppose.
What was the MoT sticker for?  You had the 'L' plates - but a sticker???

Guy R Day

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>> On a bike you were never, ever accompanied by the examiner and the
>> Department of Transport Examiner (as he was in the 60's) was never told 
>> to
>> get on someones solo motor bike.  (He may have got on one with a sidecar 
>> but
>> that was a different class of test.)
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> Guy,
> I guess my examiner in High Wycombe, April, 1966 didn't follow that
> rule exactly...  ;-)
> He did, in fact, ride pillion on my 250 Tiger Cub for part of the
> test. I thought that was standard as several of my buddies had the
> same examiner and the same experience. And wasn't it the Ministry of
> Transport back then?  I seem to remember you had to have an MoT
> sticker on your vehicle too. Things change, I guess.
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