[Spridgets] Be careful how you vote... No LBC Content...

Robert Duquette robertduquette at sympatico.ca
Wed Nov 21 06:39:15 MST 2007

Okay, maybe someone can explain this to me.  The phrase "Bite me!".  What 
the heck is that?  You're asking someone to bite you and that's supposed to 
be bad for 'them'?  Somebody's got to explain this to me.

LBC season is officially over here in Ottawa as we got snow overnight and 
salt was used on the roads.

>From: Robert Weeks <lists at woozy.com>
>It is still very offensive to many listers. If all the nut jobs on this
>list request that we *constantly* use our delete keys to remove the ton
>of bullshit wacko posts that have been on this list lately maybe you
>could do the same for the three posts that came from our side.
>Oh, and by the way, bite me, then go screw yourself
>Jim Johnson wrote:
> > Cheezus, Robert!!  That Ant and the Grasshopper thing predates the
> > internet!!  I first saw it in its earliest format back in the 1960s!!
> > Try using some Gold Bond moisturising lotion. It'll thicken you skin a
> > little an keep you from frothing at the mouth!

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