[Spridgets] parts orders... No LBC

Jim Johnson bmwwxman at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 15:41:23 MST 2007

Yesterday my expensive expedited shipment of motorcycle parts arrived
so I cancelled driving 60 miles to go work on the Midget in order to
get my K100LT BMW motorcycle back running. The problem was worn out
brushes in the starter motor - everything grounds through the starter.
So I opened the box that was identified as a "brush set" and lo and
behold only one freakin' carbon brush!!  I need two!!  I call the
outfit in Virginia I ordered from. They thought is was supposed to be
a set with that part number and while I waited, they called BMW.
Nope!! No way.  That's only one of the two brushes!  We call it a set
because - well - we really don't know why we call it a set.  You want
the other brush that comes on the brush plate? You do?  Okay, its on
back order but we'll have it for you in about a week if we use
expedite shipping....

F#*$^&*##&)&@$!!!   The damn Chinese have moved to Germany now!!!

To think I could have spent the day fishing through my 1275 engine
looking for the tiny piece of metal I dropped into it!!  Think I'll go
down to the pub now......
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