[Spridgets] Rust (Pardon if I digress to LEC stuff)

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Sun Nov 18 07:58:22 MST 2007

K. Valentine wrote::  "After you clean the parts in the electrolytic 
tank, use a Brillo pad  to scour them off and then rinse them well with 
warm water.  The soap  in the pads will leave a slight coating on the 
metal (even after you  rinse all the soap off) which will keep them from 
re-rusting for  about a month (or longer)"

Thank you. sir!  You are a gentleman and a scholar!  (Don't get a big 
head.  I am one of the world's biggest liars!).


> Kevin V.
> On Nov 17, 2007, at 11:16 PM, Robert Bruce Evans wrote:
>> If I may go off-current topic for a moment with an LEC problem/ 
>> question, I have some parts and some tools from which I need to  
>> remove rust;  some of it bad, some not-so-bad.   Some of them have  
>> "interiors" that do not lend themselves to sandblasting.  I have in  
>> my "tech tip" file an electrolytic rust removal process that I have  
>> used successfully in the past (including parts in a 55 gallon  
>> plastic barrel).
>> My problem:  I do not know from whom I picked up this tip, and I do  
>> not remember how to prevent the quick "re-rusting" that takes place  
>> so quickly.  I know that I used a spray of some kind, but I don't  
>> remember what it is.
>> Can anybody help?
>> Buster Evans
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