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Bill L pythias at pacifier.com
Sat Nov 17 23:14:06 MST 2007

Hello Robert,

       i agree about the fallacy of the "need for illegals" being
       rubbish, if not pure rubbish.. in the construction trades the
       illegals are taking the jobs of union workers because they will
       work for LESS. try to find an native english speaking
       drywaller, carpenter or painter. these used to be well paying,
       middle class jobs that would support families. ...

       or the latest salvo in the H1B visa fiasco. In South Carolina,
       they don't want to pay wages that are large enough to be able
       to live in the towns where they need resort workers, (maids,
       valets, etc), so they asked to get these "skilled" jobs filled
       by using and expanding H1B visas. people from India will live 4
       or 5 to an apartment so as to be able to live close enough to
       work there. .. a travesty. ...

       one of the problems isn't that there aren't enough workers, its
       that employers don't want to PAY a living wage to the workers
       they hire. ...

       same with those who hire DAY workers (who CAN'T speak english)

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