[Spridgets] Was: still there? Now: Big Words

Robert Bruce Evans b-evans at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 17 22:31:51 MST 2007

(I would preface this by saying that two of my sons-in-law are "Hispanic",
and come from families who entered the legal way, and half of my grandsons
are "Hispanic" only because the schools get better funding by having more
Hispanics enrolled.  Ask them, and they will tell you they are American.)

derf wrote:  "I think Mexican labor makes up a great deal of the economy in
this country."

There is a great fallacy about the "need" for illegals;  it's pure rubbish.
The United States last month had an unemployment rate of 4.3%, or 6.97
million unemployed Americans  Of the 12 million illegal immigrants, 7.8
million are taking jobs from Americans.  

Now, you will hear it said that the illegals take the jobs that Americans
won't"!   But wait just a minute.  Of those unemployed Americans, over 2
million are "career  unemployed" of over four months, while 7 million have
been unemployed for more than a month.  If the country severely cut back or
*enforced*  unemployment and welfare payments, it would bring people back
into the labor force.  If you continue to pay a person not to work, where
is there any incentive to get back to earning a living?

There is a reality that at there is a need for agricultural workers that is
now being filled by illegals.  The United States had a perfectly working
system for bringing in *short term* seasonal workers who, after the need
for them was over, they returned to Mexico.  The bracero program was
working beautifully, not only for Americans, but for the braceros as well
who were taking home big chunks of American dollars that enabled them
prosper in Mexico.  Why was it ended in the 1960?  Because the liberals and
the labor unions were so vehemently opposed, claiming they were taking jobs
for Americans.  (Get that:  "taking jobs from Americans", and that they
were not unionized.  The end of the bracero program damaged both the
American farmer AND the poor of Mexico, for Americans did not take to the
fields.  This led directly to the first ripples of the illegal alien we now
face.  Thank you Big Labor!

Condescension?  Who's being condescending?  I have earned by keep as a
wordsmith since the age of 15, so words put the food on the table.   I just
use the words I use in normal, everyday conversation.  Why would I want to
dumb it down like a high school English test?


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