[Spridgets] Was: still there? Now: Big Words

derf derf247 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 17 20:26:11 MST 2007

I am against giving them benefits and privileges that are associated
with citizenship before they earn citizenship.  They, like us, are
entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit, but NOT entitled to social
security, welfare, free cheese, or whatever.
Citizenship entails certain responsibilities.  I am against people,
Mexican, American, or other, who abuse the system and take money and
benefits that other citizens pay for.  I don't mind if a Mexican
immigrant comes here, earns an honest living, and contributes to
society.  We have plenty of room and opportunity.  God bless them.

> How about the theory that the rights granted by the Constitution were
> intended for actual citizens? I object to non-citizens having the same
> rights as citizens.

I agree with that.  They should have certain inalienable rights, not
have all the same rights, benefits, and privileges as citizens.  But,
they should be able to earn those.

They are doing the best they can under the system in place.  The
system is the problem.  I think a long fence patrolled by the National
Guard is a good idea, but I know the government would spend way too
much to do it.


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