[Spridgets] Dear Mr. Anon II...

Robert Bruce Evans b-evans at earthlink.net
Sat Nov 17 18:10:36 MST 2007

Dear Mr. Anon II, 

"Yeah, we restored the damn car in the hope that he'd type less and drive

Excellent point, well taken.  But, oh, I *do* drive more.  But when you
*work* at the bloody computer all day long (and most nights), escaping to
the list is a retreat to sanity.  But the driving isn't a problem.  It is
the fact that because of my neighborhood and adjacent illegals, I can't
park the Sprite anywhere outside.  [Obligatory LEC content]  I once did
park the Sprite outside and they ripped off two wheels and tires off
(fortunately, not the originals).


(Was there a Mr. Anon I?)

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