[Spridgets] What is still there?

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As I recall, it was founded just prior to the SF 06 earthquake.  Gianini had
founded the bank as the other banks wouldn't loan to the Italians.  Gianini
was able to save the deposits of his bank before the earthquake fires
destroyed his bank which left him in a pretty good position to start loaning
money for the Italians and others to rebuild.

Seems that they may well be helping the oppressed immigrants of today, just
as the founder did.


No financial interest!

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> > Closed my Band of America accounts and moved them to a bank that doesn't
> > "enable" lawbreakers.
> How many of you know that Bank of America was originally called Bank of
> Italy, and was founded in SF during the gold rush days to help immigrant
> minors open bank accounts? They changed the name to B of A around the turn
> of the century. I've noticed they no longer mention this in their
> history.
> BZ
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