[Spridgets] Fuel Log?

Paul Asgeirsson PAsgeirsson at worldnet.att.net
Fri Nov 16 23:53:09 MST 2007

I can remember these on early American iron that had dual or tri carbs.  It
was a pretty good way to get gas to both or triple carbs instead of running
one line and hooking up to one carb, then branching off to the second or
third carb.

These cars REALLY sucked up fuel when the throttle was opened wide and this
"Log" was an improvement over the original owner made supply lines.

I don't think there ever was a need for this device on Spridgets.

Paul A

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> Jim Johnson wrote:
> > On 11/16/07, Larry Daniels <ladaniels at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
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> >> Was this a period aftermarket item?  Naver saw one before.
> > http://tinyurl.com/yutow5
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> OK, so what is it really?  Really curious.
> Dave

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