[Spridgets] What is still there?

Robert Duquette robertduquette at sympatico.ca
Thu Nov 15 12:39:29 MST 2007

The broken lines and circles are either flowers or flower beds, called the 
ornamental gardens.  It's part of the experimental farms ( fed gov't ) where 
I work.  Many many wedding pictures are taken there during the 'flower' 
season.  If I have it right, someone donated the 'farm' to the federal 
government on the condition that they cannot sell it.  If they no longer 
want to use it for agricultural research, they must return it to the family. 
  Or, so I was told.


Here's a couple of pictures of some of those broken lines.  ( Not very good 
ones though. )

movie here: http://bersoft.org/360movies/index.htm
( but this is of the square to the left of the broken circles. )


>From: "Robert Bruce Evans" <b-evans at earthlink.net>

>Robert Duquette wrote:  "And, I guess I should have called it a roundabout,
>"This is it:   http://preview.tinyurl.com/2vbops "
>Good view!  (Our of curiosity, what are the two "broken" circles" and
>"broken" lines to the southwest?)

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