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I had a 69 MGC - GT i drove for years with two little ones in the back seat. 
  Fun - fast car and the kids loved riding in the car. 
  The B was the same car with a 4 as the C. The C was a in line 6. 
  I also had over $3000 in the front end. The 6 would make the front break loose before the rear. After the modifications it handled like a normal sports car with no surprise front end drift. I do not think the B did not had this problem.

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  Yeah, I know what day care costs are too, and those funds add up quick.
Hats off to your wife for putting it in a creative perspective.

So if you do, where would the kiddy seats go? :) 


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I'd been toying with the idea of getting a Miata for a while, checking 
out the used car ads and stuff, thinking maybe if the right one came 
along and if the finances were right maybe we'd get one. Then last 
Saturday the guys in the B-Stingers were 
having a fundraiser where they'd waxoyl your car and I had signed up to 
have my Midget done. The fundraiser took place at the local LBC shop and 
while I was there I saw this car for sale that I haven't been able to 
get out of my mind since:


To make matters worse my wife told me that this 1964 MGB cost less than 
what we pay in daycare for one year. I've seen the car before, it's been 
for sale for a while but something about it really got to me this time. 
Maybe it was putting that daycare price tag on it.

Anyway, it totally got me off of thinking about Miatas. Now I just walk 
around thinking about this 64 MGB instead and enjoying the Midget.

Midget's running great, needs some new wire wheels though. Getting the 
car Waxoyl'd by some folks who knew what they were doing was great. It 
was a really good weekend for the Midget all around. The weather was 
great and I lost count of how many people stopped me to talk about the 
car. One guy in a pickup truck followed me into a parking lot to talk 
about it. He said had seen it at the Farmer's Market the week before and 
didn't know who the owner was. When he saw it again he said he just had 
to stop and say hi. That was down-right neighborly of him ;-)

uniquelittlecars at yahoo.com

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