[Spridgets] Mini Cooper S price question

Ron Soave soavero at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 12 21:07:31 MST 2007

> Anyway, it totally got me off of thinking about
> Miatas. Now I just walk 
> around thinking about this 64 MGB instead and
> enjoying the Midget.

I've had 2 Miatas and lots of LBCs. The biggest
difference between it and the Lotus, Triumphs, MGs,
Sprites and now Alfas that I've owned is that the
Miata got less interesting with time, and it reminded
me of what it wanted to be. The others got more
interesting with time, and reminded me of where they
came from. A Miata is perfectly defensible and has a
lot going for it, but it's not the same. If only my
daily driver Alfa didn't have the Clarici A40 syndrome
where it won't start below 40 degrees....

Ron Soave
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