[Spridgets] Light Bulbs

David Lieb dbl at chicagolandmgclub.com
Mon Nov 12 16:55:19 MST 2007

>> So if Thomas Edison made a bulb that lasted decades back in whenever, 
>> how come they can't, or will NOT make a bulb that lasts today?

Think of it this way, Frank; this bulb has now lasted better than $50 worth 
of other bulbs... If that bulb were on the shelf today with a $50 price tag, 
you wouldn't even think of buying it cuz it is too expensive. We can't win.

On another note, the CFL bulbs take a couple minutes to reach full 
brightness (less in hot weather or when held in front of a heater; longer 
when encased in another shell to look decorative).
David Lieb 

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