[Spridgets] Happy Birthday

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Sat Nov 10 17:10:18 MST 2007

<<And with whom we stuck together like glue in an Army bar fight (or, the
memories of Ft. Hood).>>

Truer words where never said, Buster!!

When I was the Law in Seaside and Navy & 2 jarhead Medics who had just gotten
"Advance Training" at the Fort Ord Hospital stopped into one of our local
taverns (MANY) to "enjoy" finishing said training and waiting for their flight
out in AM.  One of the GI "new recruites" decided he didn't "like" the
swabbie.  15 of HIS buddies agreed and the fight was on!!  LOL

By the time that myself and 3 of my closest pals arrived, the swabbie and 2
jarheads where having a FREE round at the bar an NO GI was standing.  All me
and my buddies had to do was daisey-chain cuff the GI's and wait for the

Semper Fi !!

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