[Spridgets] 0-60 in 4 seconds some UK content!

Robert E. Shlafer pilotrob at webtv.net
Wed Nov 7 16:20:54 MST 2007

Yeah, right...."a bus man's holiday"

....exactly how a pro train "driver" would choose to spend his time off, eh Mike?! 

Cap'n. Bob      '60 :{)

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Heck that's just down the street from me in San Bernardino.  Too bad I
already ride around in full scale locos.  I think I get my fill 10-14
hours a day 7 days a week.

> Have you seen those scale tracks where the folks build exact replicas
> and then ride them around?
> Pic: http://www.realtrains.com/images2/photo1.jpg
> Website: http://www.realtrains.com/
pilotrob at webtv.net

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