[Spridgets] Lucas side entry cap

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If you would re-post to yahoo list I would appreciate it.

Buster wrote:
Brad Formal wrote:  "Were these damn things painted in the factory?"

Naw, they were black on the outside, black on the inside, and black through
and through.  I remember ordering one from Sears (yes, they had a foreign car
catalog) in the late 1970's or early 1980's.  It was a feces brown color, and
I just tossed it in the odds and sods box, and never used it.

And Brad wrote:
As I looked closer, they were black on the outside, and brown on the inside.
This means they were painted, but black, not brown. I started to scratch on
them and the black paint comes off to reveal the brown bakelite surface

The "Original Owner" is WRONG and Brad is correct!!  (gee I love this<VBG>)

In the late '70 and early '80s the ONLY source was Bosch, which was making the
CORRECT Lucas embossed unit(s).  Many Distributors did in fact, PAINT the
caps' exteriors!!  Many did not.  It was actually a cr*p shoot as to what you

If IIRC, my "Hortense" currently still has a "black" Bosch cap and it did come
from UK.

The Original Owner IS correct that not only did Sears have a "foreign car
catalog" and that "feces brown color" is also a very true

Hence the "paint job".


PS:  The "Original Owner" also wasted his $s by tossing the brown one away.
Perfectly good product.  Better than our currewnt "rotors"<VBF>!!

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