[Spridgets] Early Smog Carbs

Brad Fornal tequila.brad at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 09:08:38 MST 2007

Joe Curto just called, asking questions about the carbs I want for my
car. He asked two questions I am not certain of.
1) Is the vacuum for the dizzy pulled off the front or rear carb?
2) The float bowl lid, does it have the overflow tube or not.
On question 2, I thought that the overflow tube went to a line that
fed back to the tank, is this correct? If so, there is no sign of this
line on the 68.
The toughest part about this project is that there is no real
definitive photos or info about this set up. In early 68, the 1275 had
both the "flying saucer" AND the gulp valve. When the cars were
redesigned in mid 68 to accommodate Ralph's 3 wiper system, they also
made the changes to the emission controls. If anyone out there has a
KNOWN 68, 2 wiper car, I could really use some close up shots of the
carbs and vacuum hookups.
I would love ALL the photos I can get, just so I have something to go
on. I know that in most cases, the chances of the carbs having been
changed over the decades is pretty high. But I will take all the help
I can get at this point.

Thank you,


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