[Spridgets] oil seals

Glen Byrns grbyrns at ucdavis.edu
Thu Nov 1 07:58:20 MST 2007

Paul Asgeirsson has a kit with instructions that will help you restore the 
extremely tight clearance between the crank and the scroll seal.  It works 
well.  I did it on the turbo bugeye years ago and it still keeps the rear 
seal dry when all crankcase ventilation is hooked up properly.

More or less, you Dremel out a gouge in the two faces of the scroll seal 
(little crescent piece and rear main) and fill the gouge with JB weld and 
assemble the whole thing at torque after spraying graphite spray on the 
crank scroll area.  After curing, break it down and CAREFULLY Dremel away 
the "male" scroll trace from the surface of the JB weld faces you just made 
in the rear main and crescent.  Now the clearance for the rear seal is as 
tight as the thickness of the graphite spray.  VERY CLOSE!!  Very effective 
with proper crankcase ventilation.


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