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Guy Weller guy.weller at tiscali.co.uk
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Just announced thisevening an intention to
increase the penalty for using a mobile phone
whilst driving to up to 2 years driving ban. That
is twice the normal penalty for driving whilst
over the alcohol limit.

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"The chief problem here is that, when they lose
control, it may be
YOU what get's thinned!"

  How true - You've got to stay alert and hope
that is enough.  New York has a law against using
hand-held phones while driving.  My friend who is
a cop here says he hands out tickets daily for the
offense.  When I lived in Tennessee, I found the
situation far worse because there was no law
against it there.  Even with the less-populated
roads, I ended up dodging some fool wandering into
my lane at least once daily.  It was not a rare
thing to find I was the only person within site
NOT talking on a phone in commuter traffic!

   - David

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