[Mini] Tire sizes

T.A.J.M. van den Bogaard T.A.J.M.vdnBogaard at uvt.nl
Mon Sep 16 04:43:07 MDT 2019

Hi all,

I'd go for 165/60 because of experience on my old spi Cooper
That came originally with 145/70 12's;  table beneath here also shows there's less difference to the original in that choice .. apart from that I think 165/60 is better available here in the Netherlands ;-)

Theo van den Bogaard

165/60 vs 70
19.8 vs 21.1 dia
3.9 vs 4.5 sidewall
62.2 vs 66.2 circum
1019 vs 957 revs/mile

19.8 vs 20 dia
3.9 vs 4 sidewall
62.2 vs 62.8 circum
1019 vs 1009 revs/mile

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I think I know the answer to this question before I ask it...but...

The '81 Mini that I imported to the US from England earlier this year
has 165/70R12 tires (or tyres!) on it.  One of them has a slow leak and
another has a split around part of the sidewall.  So I'm looking into
new tires all the way around.  I can get 165/70 Nankangs here in the US
for less than $50 per tire.  But I'd really like to go with 165/60 Yoko
A539s.  However, to do that, I would have to import them from across the
pond and pay considerably more.

If you had a choice between 165/70 and 165/60, which would you choose
for a street-driven car and why?!?


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