[Mini] [minElist] rear camber/castor plates

Richard Porter ricp at minijem.plus.com
Fri Mar 3 16:40:25 MST 2017

On 3 Mar 2017 Dr John C Bullas john.bullas at gmail.com [minilist] wrote:

> Has anyone had experience of these things either DIY or manufacturers
> (whose?)

I've used adjustable rear camber plates on the Marcos from various 
suppliers. The last ones came from Chris Wooden. I recommend the ones 
with Allen bolts. Also use stainless Allen bolts to secure the end 
plates because the upper ones can be sods to get out. I haven't used 
tracking shims.

> Your input most appreciated, since #9 has adjustable camber/castor tie tie
> rods and bottom arms

That's at the front. Castor doesn't apply to the rear wheels because 
they don't steer.

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