[Mini] [minElist] Advice on grease gun end that get the grease through the nipple!

Richard Porter ricp at minijem.plus.com
Wed Jul 12 16:07:47 MDT 2017

On 12 Jul 2017 Dr John C Bullas john.bullas at gmail.com [minilist] 

> Does anyone have any guidance as to where to source a grease gun end that
> will actually get the grease through the grease nipple (once it has been
> taken out and blown through and refitted) rather than it blowing around the
> sides - and this is for a set of new nipples!

try http://www.advancedmachinery.co.uk/machinery/tooling.asp

I find the nipple makes more difference than the connector. Some seal 
nicely; others leak round the edge. Sometimes it's a matter of luck.

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