[Mini] [Spridgets] Body stripping

G von Hoegen belvenfish at yahoo.co.uk
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your compressed air is not dry enough (you need  a dryer) and you are using
the wrong sand (silver sand be better)

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On Wed, 5/7/17, Mike Rambour <lists at dinospider.com> wrote:

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 B  I do have a healthy compressor, a big
 boy 2-stage 5HP with 80gal
 tank.B  I tried sand blasting with
 my neighbors Harbor Fright el-cheapo
 sand blaster and sand from Home Depot
 (play sand and yes I used a proper
 fresh air supply so no worries about
 silicosis) but the thing kept
 clumping up the sand and
 clogging.B  With the small nozzle, I figured it
 would take forever to sand blast the
 body if I got proper media, that I
 can't seem to find locally.B  I
 have a small soda blaster, the little
 portable 10lb. one from Eastwood, it
 did a nice job a 1/8" at a time.B 
 Will a proper pressure blaster with
 Aluminum Oxide media really work
 that much better. I don't mind buying
 tools :)

 B  B   mike

 On 7/4/2017 9:20 PM, Billy Zoom wrote:
 > Chemical stripping is way too
 illegal in California. There was a good place in Garden
 Grove for a long time, but the environment police hounded
 him constantly and hebs not around any more.
 > Why donbt you buy a pressure
 blaster. Theybre cheap now. Do you have a healthy

 A gun is like a parachute, if you need
 one but don't have it,
 you'll probably never need one again.
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