[Mini] Re-registering a garage find and taking the licence plate off it: UK advice

Dr John C Bullas john.bullas at gmail.com
Wed Dec 27 11:19:38 MST 2017

Firstly Happy Christmas to one-and-all!

I have a question or two

A 1968 registered dry garage find with a hand written paper log book

#1 how do I get it registered/MOT'd so as I can get the pre-reg number off
it to transfer to another vehicle?

Can it simply be insured under the old 1968 number and driven for an MOT
without a V51?

#2 How long from the point of it getting the necessary paperwork V51 & MOT
to be able to transfer the pre-reg number to another veihcle and it to get
an A-suffix mark for the donor

The car is destined for export but I think the value of the plate and the
minimum work needed to MOT it would be worth the hastle/red tape?

Many thoughts festive listers?




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