[Mini] Technology transfer - torque arms/straps using mini non-verto clutch straps

Dr John C Bullas john.bullas at gmail.com
Sun Jul 5 04:02:49 MDT 2015

Greetings Lister!

I am trying to stop my 1kW bike motor from climbing out of my bike frame
using torque arms.......

see here: https://www.electricbike.com/torque-arm/#comment-2117576639

Now I recall that I fitted 3x 3 clutch straps to my setup instead of 3x 2
when I went to an orange clutch cover and got power up from 56bhp to 96bhp!

I need 14mm holes in the torque arms AND I need to be able to drill some
5mm holes into the straps

Can anyone:

#1: confirm the diameters and centres of the existing holes in the straps

#2: confirm what I can drill some extra holes into the straps with as I
remember lighting up a HSS drill a long time ago trying to do something
with one of these straps

Thanks for the support here, in more ways than 1


Dr B
Southampton UK
1978 1330cc 1275GT "#9" not dead, just resting



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