[Mini] fueling issues after converting to EFI solved

Frits Schouten fritss at ps.gen.nz
Thu Aug 14 01:34:39 MDT 2014

Hello all,


After some time in storage it was time to get the Mini out on the road

Remember that I've swapped the A+ engine with a Suzuki GTI engine. Ex race
car engine, DOC, 16 valves, 5 speed box, etc, etc. NICE.



Now the feed pipe size out of the Mini tank is insufficient to feed an EFI
pump, which is not very good at sucking fuel and in particular at the lower
tank levels.

I've now made a surge tank out of 75mm exhaust tube with 8mm hose tails on
the top and one 12mm hose tail on the bottom.


A facet pump is used to fill the surge tank, a new return is welded at the
top of the fuel tank to take the overflow from the surge tank, and the
return from the engine goes back into the surge tank.

See attached photo.

Problem solved.



Frits Schouten

New Zealand.

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