[Mini] Seasons greetings and a question... on retrofit of soundproofing......

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Tue Dec 25 01:53:47 MST 2012

Happy Christmas one and all!
On sound proofing; I've researched this extensively for a 2A Landrover
rebuild. Anti vibration pads need to cover about 40% of any large panels and
be fitted in the middle. This will stop the panel acting as a drum skin but
sound will still pass through. 100% coverage is just a waste of money with no
better effect.
To stop the sound coming through, a 100% coverage of a open cell foam with a
heavy sound deadening layer bonded to the outside is needed. If its not rated
with units of mass per squares area the forget it! I've used Kit Car Builders
Solutions 12mm foam/lead/foam/reflective foil at 5kg/m^2 but there are others
out there too. Expensive but to do it well...
I've also used the carpet underlay in minis and, in my opinion, it's a waste
of time and money (even if it is mega cheap... It's mega ineffective!)
Other thing to do is make sure there are no holes in the bulkhead and all
grommets etc are good fit. I fitted a late centre speedo blanking plate behind
my carb and plumbed the loom and cable through grommets in it to the centre
Hope this is of some help! Toby

On 25 Dec 2012, at 06:48 AM, Dr John C Bullas <john.bullas at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello !
> Merry Christmas to all you Mini Owners out there, thanks for keeping the
> dialogues flowing and aHo Ho  Hoing in this most festive of Seasons
> from your minilist owner / list cofounder
> I have a question or two regarding (i) retrofit sound-proofing (ii)
> alloy airtightness
> (i) retrofit sound proofing
> #9 has ZERO soundproofing and I am wanting to indoctrinate Ella (5yrs
> old) into Mini ownership so to avoid a 1850's Industrial revolution
> level of paediatric hearing loss, #9 needs some soundproofing, I have
> a rather nice acreage of woven domestic carpet to fit BUT
> Q1 what can I put under the carpet to act as sound deadening that
> won't act as a wick for water and rot the floor out
> Q2 what can I fit inside the passenger compartment and reasonably in
> the engine bay to attenuate the noise, I was thinking of something
> like the laaging on a domestic hot water tank, anyone any ideas
> The alloys are sound apart from the rims having an issue and they leak
> a bit, removal of the tyres will cost me #5 a time plus the later
> refit and balance so...
> Q3 has anyone used any mountain bike tyre sealant goo/liquid or the
> like to seal leaky rims and how did you distribute it????
> I am in the UK for branding purposes
> Remember in this time of good cheers... don't EVER drink and drive!
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=pwHoOJazEMQ
> Pip Pip
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