[Mini] Seasons greetings and a question... on retrofit of soundproofing......

Dr John C Bullas john.bullas at gmail.com
Mon Dec 24 23:48:21 MST 2012

Hello !

Merry Christmas to all you Mini Owners out there, thanks for keeping the
dialogues flowing and aHo Ho  Hoing in this most festive of Seasons
from your minilist owner / list cofounder

I have a question or two regarding (i) retrofit sound-proofing (ii)
alloy airtightness

(i) retrofit sound proofing

#9 has ZERO soundproofing and I am wanting to indoctrinate Ella (5yrs
old) into Mini ownership so to avoid a 1850's Industrial revolution
level of paediatric hearing loss, #9 needs some soundproofing, I have
a rather nice acreage of woven domestic carpet to fit BUT

Q1 what can I put under the carpet to act as sound deadening that
won't act as a wick for water and rot the floor out

Q2 what can I fit inside the passenger compartment and reasonably in
the engine bay to attenuate the noise, I was thinking of something
like the laaging on a domestic hot water tank, anyone any ideas

The alloys are sound apart from the rims having an issue and they leak
a bit, removal of the tyres will cost me #5 a time plus the later
refit and balance so...

Q3 has anyone used any mountain bike tyre sealant goo/liquid or the
like to seal leaky rims and how did you distribute it????

I am in the UK for branding purposes

Remember in this time of good cheers... don't EVER drink and drive!

Pip Pip

Dr B / Fatbloke



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