[Mgs] The marque of friendship

Hans Duinhoven h.duinhoven at planet.nl
Mon Oct 24 08:55:12 MDT 2022

Dear listers,


Last weekend some of the listers and some more friends came to Amsterdam. As
the contacts between us go back over more than 20 years, this was a great

In the past I had meetings with listers in the Boston area (January2000 and
May 2006) and Colorado Springs (February 2011). 

Now the listers came to Amsterdam!

The group visited https://www.louwmanmuseum.nl/en/ and came to watch my MG
BGT and 3 Puch mopeds from 1970 - 1973.

It all was fabulous and not to forget!


MG = The Marque of Friendship!




'71 BGT NRG w/w no/od

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