[Mgs] 80B, melted white-green wire from ignition switch

PaulHunt73 paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com
Tue May 31 04:13:27 MDT 2022

5A or 10A, or even the original 17A, would protect the cars wiring in 
the event of a short but it needs to be as close to the supply i.e. at 
the ignition switch to do that.  Fuses in the wires that go into the 
radio are there to prevent very thin internal wires from actually 
burning in the event of an internal short, they won't protect the cars 
wiring if the short is on the supply side of that fuse.  So if the same 
fault should happen again, you will get the same result.


On 31/05/2022 09:08, Steve Shoyer wrote:
> I put in a 5A fuse for the switched power rather than the 10A fuse 
> that came with the radio, hoping that it would blow quickly if there 
> was a short somewhere in the circuit that I didn't see.

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