[Mgs] 1972 MGB convertible

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I had this problem as well. It was a short circuit between a gauge illumination wire connector and the heater control cable, which had become lose. This control cable is made of metal parts – the inner and outer cables. This makes, that the cable is attached to ground connections – beginning on the heater valve on the engine block.

This circuit is unfused regrettably.

So I had to replace a part of the wiring loom in the dashboard.

Nasty job, but it is possible to be done in some hours.





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                Headlamps are not fused, nor is the horn.   Blinkers are fused.

                I would have a good look for any wiring that might have been disturbed by the engine R&R, though this seems to be a behind-dash situation unless the cover was removed from the steering column during your work.  

                Signal flasher is over passenger’s knees, or right side, and I recall that all other connections are in the cramped space ahead of the steering wheel.  

                Arguments are frequent about value of fusing headlamps. When I installed relays, I installed circuit breakers for them, and fuses for overdrive and fuel pump.  Your fuses will give clues to the search for the problem. 




On Jan 18, 2022, at 9:32 PM, dave northrup <dave at ranteer.com <mailto:dave at ranteer.com> > wrote:

Car seemed to run fine and all lights, blinkers, brake lights, etc. worked when we bought the car a few months ago.  Except it had no reverse; we knew that.


Swapped transmissions, car runs and drives fine, blinkers worked ok this afternoon until on the way home I switched on the lights.


Smoke from under the dash, I think on the passenger side but not positive. Turned the lights off, turned the car off and popped the hood. No smoke in engine compartment.  Back of light switch was hot but did not burn my finger.


Started the car up and drove home.  Blinkers don’t work anymore but I haven’t checked the fuses yet.  The wipers work as does the horn.


So – clearly there is a problem, probably a short, probably under the dash.  I have the wiring diagram from Advanceautowire.com <http://Advanceautowire.com> .   Clearly I have to dive under the dashboard.  Or could it be in the steering column assembly?


anyone have a check here first recommendation or a list of what to check first?


Thanks!  wiring doesn’t scare me at all; I’m looking forward to solving this. hope you can help.


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