[Mgs] 1972 MGB convertible

PaulHunt73 paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com
Wed Jan 19 07:38:07 MST 2022

Horns are always live fused from the factory - purple circuit from the 
fusebox, bottom fuse in the 4-fuse fusebox.  It also powers the 
console-mounted courtesy light, boot/hatch light, brake-test circuit, 
'door open key in' buzzer, and lighter socket where fitted.

If headlamps are fused then at the least it should be one per side (with 
relays), if not one per filament.


On 19/01/2022 13:22, Robert's New iPad wrote:
> Headlamps are not fused, nor is the horn.   Blinkers are fused.
> I would have a good look for any wiring that might have been disturbed 
> by the engine R&R, though this seems to be a behind-dash situation 
> unless the cover was removed from the steering column during your work.
> Signal flasher is over passenger’s knees, or right side, and I recall 
> that all other connections are in the cramped space ahead of the 
> steering wheel.
> Arguments are frequent about value of fusing headlamps. When I 
> installed relays, I installed circuit breakers for them, and fuses for 
> overdrive and fuel pump.  Your fuses will give clues to the search for 
> the problem.
> Bob
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