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	Rimmer Bros catalogue shows one cowling through GHN 3/4 and GHD 3/4, up to 1969, and another for GHN 5 and GHD 5, 1970-1974.    One notices that 1969 is not shown.
	I believe it’s the one for GHN GHD 5 that fits 1969. I know that it fits my 1972.  
	If yours is same as mine, it does come off w/o removing dash or column.  After all the screws are extracted, mine pushes toward the engine about 1/4 inch to disengage from the steering column, then the two pieces will come out individually.  
	Once you get visibility in there, R&R of the switch is easy enough.  If you also want to remove ignition and column lock, use a Dremel tool to slot the top of the breakaway “security” screws that hold ignition & column lock on.
	Signal cancelling is done by that clip-on thing that some describe as Cam/Trip.  That bumps onto the two claws of the switch to cancel the signal. Once the new switch is in place, centre that Cam between the two claws.

	Boast of the Day —. In only 3.5 hours, three of us changed windscreen in 1977 Tourer.  Previous windscreen, done two weeks ago, took four guys four hours.  It took only .00006 seconds for a rock to break the nearly-new glass.   A ratchet strap was a great time-saver when settling the rubber and the four metal pieces onto the glass. 

> On Apr 23, 2022, at 2:25 PM, Michael MacLean <springer.mike51 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Bought a new turn signal stalk for my 69 MGB GT because the one in the car does not self cancel.  Turns out it is a little more difficult to replace than I thought it would be.  To get the column cover off either the dash comes out or the steering shaft comes out.  The turn signal stalk in the car now works, but you have to remember to return it to center after the turn.  It's  not like I am not used to that as I also own a 69 Bugeye with the original three position lever switch for the turn signals. The Bugeye has always been non-self canceling turn signals.  The MG sits outside in my driveway because there are two Austin Healeys and a Harley Davidson in my two car garage now.  Without garage space to work I don't like that much disassembly in the driveway.  My HOA frowns on working on your car outside of the garage anyway.  Guess I'll just have to remember to cancel the turn signal in the MG for now.
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