[Mgs] Mix n Match

PaulHunt73 paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com
Mon Apr 18 07:54:47 MDT 2022

In the meantime you can link the two greens that were on the broken 
switch and see if the flashers then work.  If so then the new switch 
should fix it.  If not ... then it's something else. With the two greens 
still linked check for 12v on both, and on both side of the flasher 
unit.  That will probably lead you to the fault, but if not also check 
to see if you have 12v on the green/white and green/red when the 
indicator switch is operated first way then the other.  But I think a 
problem in that area is less likely.


On 18/04/2022 11:23, Michael MacLean wrote:
> Paul,
>      Not being very well versed in the electronic side of these cars I 
> cannot dpeak to the single click out of the flasher when the stalk was 
> moved up or down while the lights did not work.  All I can say is the 
> lights stopped working when the hazard switch was rocked back and 
> forth a couple of times.  When I went out yesterday to work the switch 
> again a few times to see if it might clean off the contacts enough to 
> work, the switch physically broke up internally.  It jammed in one 
> spot, broken.  It has to be replaced in any case.  We'll see if the 
> replacement from Moss will solve the problem.
> Mike MacLean

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