[Mgs] Carb Bank Interchangeability

PaulHunt73 paulhunt73 at virginmedia.com
Sat Nov 13 01:50:03 MST 2021

Probably, but the fuel supply, choke and throttle controls are 
different.  The air cleaner mounting is as well but they can move with 
the carbs.


On 11/12/2021 7:32 AM, daybell7 at aol.com wrote:
>> I have a 1972 MGB with HIF carbs & a 1968 BGT with HS4s newly 
>> purchased.  It appears the intake manifolds are the same.  Can I just 
>> switch the carb banks?
>> The BGT needs a clutch, so I want to put the new HS4s on the car that 
>> is running.
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